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AngelRing (Vibrator Condom) 


AngelRing (also known as THE LORD OF THE MAGICAL LOVE RING) has a very unique design and structure and it fits securely at the base of the penis, emitting strong vibrations that provide exciting stimulation for both partners.

The vibrating knob is specially designed to stimulate the clitoris during love making.

As an added bonus, AngelRing also helps to maintain strong erections. AngelRing is powered by an ultra light battery that is safely enclosed in a soft silicone shell. The total battery life span is approximately 45 minutes. There is an on/off switch that allows you to pause the vibration if required.

The Ring is made from a special material that is stretchable and comfortable to wear and fits all sizes.

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Happy "Cock" Year

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AngelRing Instructions

The following diagrams illustrates the recommended usage method of AngelRing.


Tear open the vacuum package.  
2. Wear the condom on the penis when it is fully erected.  
3. Wear the ring over the condom with the vibrating knob facing your partner  
4. Position the vibrator towards the root of the penis. Press the switch inwards to activate vibrator. Pull the switch outwards to pause vibrator.  
5. Dispose condom and vibrator in a safe and thoughtful manner after use. Do not reuse vibrator+condom.

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AngelRing Useful Tips

To enjoy the maximum pleasure with AngelRing, the man is advised to slow down his trusting motion during love making and allowing the woman to feel the vibration on the clitoris for a few seconds between each trust.

With AngelRing, the woman gets to enjoy sex as much as the man does and able to achieve orgasm more readily ………… you can be sure she will be back for more !

As an added feature, the ring helps to slow down the blood from rushing back immediately after ejaculation, thereby sustaining the erection of the penis a little longer.

By doing it right, the man uses lesser energy to satisfy the woman………. going for the 2nd or 3rd round is no longer a problem ?

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AngelRing Cautions
  • Dispose off condom & vibrator in a safe and proper manner
  • Do not reuse the condom & vibrator
  • Store in room temperature
  • 4 years shelf life from date of manufacture
  • Look out for logo, avoid fake brands
  • ViCon has a Product Liability Insurance of US$1m

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